Products for healthy hairs

When looking for products that help get your hair healthy, come see us at the capillary clinic of Norgil Rivière-du-Loup. We have, for you, a complete range of products and treatments that will help your hair's vitality while acting as a preventive factor against baldness. For example, the 5-Concentrate Alpharegulator 9E lengthens the development cycle of the hair and restores balance to the hair follicle as well as the activity of the enzyme "5 alpha reductase."

For its part, the TRIOXINATOR program is a combination of products to help hair health and treatments that manually activate blood circulation to the hair follicles, such action on the follicles accelerates their growth and help rebalance operation. This complete program offer by the hair loss experts of Rivière-du-Loup used to improve overall health of your hair and reduce the risk of baldness.

Other products to help your hair to regain or maintain good health are also available at the hair clinic Rivière-du-Loup including: Shampoo 5-Alpharegulator 18E, Alpharegul capsules, Purifying Concentrate 2E and the Concentrate Nutritional Balancing 13E. These various products improve the health of your hair thanks to its nourishing action, vasodilator, exfoliating, cleansing, anti-inflammatory or regulation of the 5-alpha reductase. They all help to prevent baldness, feed the hair and to give them strength, flexibility and shine.