Examination of hair health

You are alarm by the condition of your hair and you really want to get a treatment for your problem. Until now, your attempts with the various products available failed and you do not want to do such testing, to the risk of aggravating the situation. You are therefore made ​​to meet with a true professional in the field, an hair specialist of Rivière-du-Loup clinic. With us, you get, in an hour, a comprehensive review of the health of your hair. Our expert, thanks to its professional and attentive listening as well as our diagnostic equipment to the forefront, will make an objective assessment of your hair problem. Our expert may decide among other things, conduct a review of bulb, capillary mapping or densitometry, depending on your specific situation.

At the Norgil capillary clinic of Rivière-du-Loup, we will offer advice tailored to your situation as well as comprehensive information about the treatment that suits you. To make sure that the results are as expected, you take part of the decision, together with our expert. Do not waste time if your hair problem is very advanced, consult an expert today because it may not be reversible in the future.

During your visit to the hair clinic Rivière-du-Loup, our expert can evaluate, with you, the level of importance that you place to the general health of your hair. The greater will be your motivation to achieve the desired results, the greater guarantees of success.